Brain Surgery: Odd Situations

The operating table during brain surgery might be the last place one would expect to find the patient entertaining an audience. Nevertheless, there have been several recent reports of odd occurrences during brain surgery.

Playing Guitar and Singing During Brain Surgery

ABC News reports that a patient in Brazil, Anthony Kulkamp Dias, played and sang the Beatles’ song “Yesterday” and other songs while surgeons removed a tumor from his brain.

This may seem like strange behavior, but there was a purpose for it, as reported by ABC News. Mr. Dias was playing and singing to keep himself conscious and awake during the surgery. This enabled the doctors removing his brain tumor to check for injuries that might affect speech and motor function. Dias elected to play his guitar and sing instead of reading books or telling stories to stay awake during the procedure.

Playing Concert Violin During Brain Surgery

In another ABC News article, a man in Plymouth, Minnesota was reported to have played his violin during brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Roger Frisch, a concert violinist, was undergoing a treatment involving electronic pulses to brain for essential tremors, a condition in which sections of the brain that control movement send abnormal signals. This condition caused Roger Frisch’s right hand to shake uncontrollably when he held his bow to his violin.

Mr. Frisch’s playing let the surgeons know during the procedure if the electronic pulses they were sending to his brain eased his tremors. Surgeons were able to locate the sections of the brain that were sending abnormal signals and implant them with electrodes, which allowed tiny electronic impulses to be sent into the brain.

The surgery was successful, as reported by ABC News. Roger Frisch’s tremors eased before the procedure was even complete. He was able to regain control of his hands, and the entire operating room full of people burst into applause.

Waking Up and Chatting With Doctors During Brain Surgery

According to Fox News, a 19-year-old girl in Poland woke up during brain surgery and asked the doctors how the surgery was going. While having a cancerous growth removed from her brain, Iga Jasica’s anesthetic wore off and she woke up half way through the operation.

Miss Jasica’s doctors stated that she was unable to see or feel anything and was in no danger when she awoke during brain surgery, as reported by Fox News. Although her anesthetic may been administered improperly, it is also possible, according to the article, that the brain surgery itself caused the patient to wake up in spite of the anesthetic.

Author: Joan Evans

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