Concussion-More than a Movie

The medical world is a bizarre field full of questions and mysteries. This holds true because certain conditions and diseases are only discovered through unusual and unexpected circumstances. Similarly, the story of Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian forensic pathologist who first brought scholarly attention to the condition Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, is a great example of this scenario. This true story will be depicted on the big screen in the controversial upcoming movie Concussion.


Concussion: Based on the True Story


Concussion, as aptly as it was named, tells the story of Omalu, who fought against all odds to expose a type of brain injury in football players that caused disturbing and deadly symptoms. He discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, but had to battle against the NFL to make his findings known. Although his name was disparaged as an attempt to make him lose his credibility, his findings have now shed light on just how dangerous football can be. This case is considered bizarre particularly because this disease cannot be detected while the patient is alive; symptoms and major signs would only show after death. Common among American football players, this story involves another real-life persona Mike Webster, whose body gave the empirical evidence for this disease. The NFL may not be thrilled about these findings, but science is unbiased.


Conditions of the disease


CTE is a condition that only shows up after one’s death, though there are early signs as well as symptoms, albeit a little indiscernible. The patient can display intellectual impairment, mood disorders, and even dementia. Aggression has been reported as well as impaired judgement and impulsiveness. More seriously, those affected with CTE are likely to have drug abuse and dependency issues, and have been known to attempt suicide. Many end up destitute and without shelter, money, or proper care. It is usually followed by a sudden and unexpected death. Through the movie ‘Concussion,’ much more information will be dispersed on the dangers that NFL football players face.  


NFL’s Attempt at a Cover Up


For far too long, the NFL has tried to cover up the dangerous injuries associated with this sport. They have also been less than approving of any research findings of brain injury in athletes. Concussions are serious injuries that can even impact personality. There have been football players, who after suffering from a concussion, were never really the same person in regards to personality. Due to the head trauma that is experienced in this sport, athletes are at high risk for this condition. Although this is ruffling a few feathers, it is essential that this becomes widespread knowledge so that athletes may know the real risk they are facing when they step out unto that playing field.


The NFL has since made some changes and now follows guidelines that require psychological testing after suffering head trauma. However, many are shocked that the NFL did not implement these concussion guidelines before, knowing the seriousness of concussions among football players.

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